Since 2002, Baja Exploration has provideD full-service drilling .  the DRILLING GROUP AND OUR CLIENTS have been together as far back as 1985! we have formed A rock solid DRILL COMPANY.  this experience helps provide our cUSTOMERS with a wide array of solutions for each site’s exigencies, whether geologic or geographic. 

WE STARTED DRILLING WITH the industry standard-bearer—the CME 75—ADDING smaller trucks and track-mounted drill rigs for sites with limitations on access. All rigs are equipped with samplers driven by the CME Automatic Hammer to ensure accurate “blow counts.” we now have 2 cme 95 DRILL RIGS,  ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL RIGS AVAILABLE IN THE AUGER ARENA.

From a single and simple soil boring to a complex construction site, our crews look forward to meeting each and every challenge. Moreover, we make every effort to complete each job with the most important objective of all in mind at all times: our client’s perspective.

We focus on geotechnical and environmental drilling while also offering “turnkey” dewatering, well drilling, pump testing, water well servicing, and direct push technology (DPT). Baja Exploration has also worked on deeper, rotary wash and air casing hammer projects.

Other subsurface work includes trenching and installation of lateral piping and “In SITU” (or dedicated) wells for the injection of chemicals used in site cleanups.

We have successfully completed projects throughout North America at a variety of commercial, government and underground storage tanks (UST), sites. Baja Exploration is a certified small business enterprise (SBE), registered with the State of California.

Staying in compliance with federal, state health, and safety worker training—down to the local level—for personnel and equipment regulations is an ongoing commitment.

Maintaining a safe work environment is a cultural imperative at Baja Exploration, and our clients value how we exemplify that principle every day. Employing qualified, well-trained people who continually recognize this single most important component of our business philosophy is imperative to our success.