I started Baja Exploration to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  To take drilling to the next level, which is to say looking at projects through our customer's lens, the only one that matters  



We know that your reputation is only as good as the results of your last job. That's why we pride ourselves on a customer-oriented approach.

Changing the look of drilling.


At Baja Exploration, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your project on track and under budget.


We live, eat & breathe drilling in all its forms. Keeping it going strong here in Southern California is our day-to-day mission.

  • 2002 Baja Exploration founded
  • 2004 Baja adds 2nd truck mounted rig
  • 2007-Five years and going strong
  • 2009 Baja adds smaller truck rig for limited access
  • 2012 We add a 3rd CME 75 to compliment a growing array of services
  • 2015 Baja Exploration adds the highest torque hollow stem auger rig available---The CME 95!